“Trompe Le Monde” by the Pixies – Review

Trompe Le Monde.jpg

Honestly, I did not like this one much at first. The thin sound and crushing treble (especially in the first half) were really off-putting, and I could remember little to nothing of the songs themselves except for that stupid “Jefrey with one f” phrase from “(I Believe In) Space” (which I could never identify, of course). I put it away after one or two absorptions.

Of course, in the spirit of Trout Mask Replica I willed myself to try it again. And again. And somehow a riff or two finally landed and I began to enjoy “Alec Eiffel” and “Distance Equals Rate Times Time”, listening more and more to the album in consequence, and finally embracing the thing and loving most every song it contained.

As Mark Prindle has pointed out, the CD really doesn’t have any bad tracks; aside from the Jesus and Mary Chain cover (I really dislike that major-key pop-punk stuff anyway) and “The Navajo Know”, it also lacks middling ones too. All these songs are memorable and tuneful, chief among them “Letter to Memphis”, and they exude a variety of moods and colors. While I’m not a big fan of their first three albums, Trompe Le Monde is certainly a very good record, and I do not hesitate to recommend it to you.

P.S. It’s also Edgar “Hot Fuzz” Wright’s favorite Pixies album.


Author: noopinionshere

What Julian Cope does for German experimental rock, Mike Watt does for Japanese underground bands, and Mark Prindle did for Amphetamine Reptile Records, I'll just do for whatever. (Pretty much all of it is stuff I like -- that's the only criterion.) I will listen to your demos too, so send me a link or a CD-R or a flash drive or something. In the meantime, read my shit. Thanks, A.P.

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